Annual report for the cyber security giant

The world-leader in data and identity protection software has a large role to live up to. Symantec has a responsibility to protect its customers as well as inform them of possible threats. This conceptual annual report, used predatory and defensive adaptations from the animal kingdom as analogies with cyber threats and Symantec’s products.

Inspiration for the typography and illustrations are drawn from 18th century Naturalist texts, extending the scientific legacy of explorers like Audubon and Darwin over to contemporary technological evolutions. The turtle’s shell, representative of Symantec general services, is a symbol of protection and empowerment. Woodpeckers storing a cache of acorns remind the reader of backup data services. The Margay, a wild cat that can mimic the birdcall of its prey, serves as a warning against identity thieves.

There’s subtext in the imagery that goes along with the communication of the company’s achievements and goals. Despite humanity being at the top of the food chain for so long, the process of evolution is always reiterating the dynamic of the predator and prey. Without any other natural predators humans are left to attack each other, making Symantec’s services the latest human defensive adaptation.



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