Effective design motivates. Great design goes deeper.


Odd Zero, creates magnetic brands for businesses in the Reno and Carson City area and beyond. Odd Zero approaches branding with an artistic eye. But it’s not just art for art’s sake. We take the most compelling elements of your work or business and make them shine.

You may wonder, “What exactly is branding?” Your brand is the face of your company. Odd Zero strategizes with you about what that face looks like. Is it a familiar face? A new and interesting or mysterious face? Who you want to reach also guides the look of your brand. Who is your ideal client? Where do you want your work to be in 10 years? Once we establish a concept of what the personality of your brand is, Odd Zero makes a face for it. Your logo, colors, fonts, style of photography–any visual element–is prescribed with deliberate attention. These visuals have powerful communication potential when thoughtfully and artfully executed.

Our work shows the depth of character in the brands that we’ve built as well as the broad extent of brands that we’ve had the pleasure to work with. We invite you to have a look and get in touch!