Little Wild

Event/lifestyle/travel photography & videography

Visual story-tellers, Abbey and Steve Kinion, came to Odd Zero with a plan to brand their new photography and videography company. Their work is evocative and sentimental, yet fresh and unrestrained. Of course, the brand had to reflect these qualities of their work.

They wanted something young and modern and intentionally unrefined looking. “Wild without being obnoxious,” as they put it. In addition to this vision, the branding had to communicate the warmth and compassion of their work. The solution was a classic, clean portfolio look with some gritty, organic elements.

The logo is the unrefined centerpiece. It features choppy lines, gritty texture and simplified letter forms. It is endearingly childlike and playful. Branded photography is cropped irregularly and the gritty texture is used on big bold headlines. The bold color palette is used sparingly to add some charge to generally clean and modern black and white layouts.


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