MET 360

Metabolic conditioning through training, nutrition and recovery.

Founded by NYC personal trainer Jesse Dufresne, the MET 360 health program focuses on metabolic conditioning, utilizing the trio of personalized training, nutrition and recovery to achieve optimal results. Clients maximize their weight loss and strength by training their metabolism to burn calories in and outside of workouts.

This was a real slick and modern brand identity that we built from the ground up. The concept is clean, minimal and crisp. Steadfast and cool without being intimidating. Three main colors (blue, green and yellow) are used to symbolize the trinity of training, nutrition and recovery. These three aspects of health are represented in the logo as equal segments of a whole circle–360 degrees of fitness.

“Margaret is very thoughtful and engaging during all parts of the creative process. She helped me to develop a cohesive brand identity that I am proud of. Her work is excellent and I recommend her to anyone looking for help from both a conceptual standpoint as well as a design/visual perspective. I will be using Odd Zero again for future projects.”

Jesse Dufresne, Founder of MET 360


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